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Rosie Gaines - Arrival (1997)

Track details:
  1. Arrival listen to a sample 7:07

  2. Want An Angel listen to a sample 6:16

  3. Junkies On The Corner listen to a sample 3:39

  4. We Can't Go On Like This listen to a sample 4:01

  5. Stomp listen to a sample 5:04

  6. Don't Let 'Em listen to a sample 6:04

  7. Yeah listen to a sample 5:48

  8. Beautiful World listen to a sample 6:25

  9. Shake Out The Blue listen to a sample 3:33

  10. Sun Moon listen to a sample 4:56

Singles released:
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Release details:
Released: 1997
Label: Dredlix
Label: Dredlix Gr
Song 5 Produced by Mike & Brenda Sutton
All remaining songs Produced by Rosie Gaines & Curtis Ohlson
Executive producer: Erik Nuri

Album Credits:



Genre: Urban/R&B

Label: Dredlix

Discovering Urban/R&B Recording Artist Rosie Gaines, is akin to discovering a treasure map, the treasure, then to find that the X-spot is actually housed in a vault of gold.

 Iíll explain...

 Upon hearing her wonderfully flexible voice on "Stomp," on her new CD, "Arrival," that captures the best assets of Chaka, Aretha, and Patti, I initially thought, "Okay, great! She got one off, but whatís the rest of the music like?" I soon discovered that I was not to be shortchanged.

 I, subsequently, realized that not only is she a stellar self-producer, meaning she takes a hands-on approach to every aspect regarding her music, including playing all instruments, singing, and engineering, she also has some impressive music industry history and affiliations.

 Such affiliations as having been a member of Princeís New Power Generation band, and at one time, signed by his own Paisley Park label, as well as Motown. But, thatís not all...she has also been managed by Soul Trainís Don Cornelius, and has penned songs for Patti Labelle, one of her own idols. Whew! Now, as I catch my breath, Iíll briefly caption each of the CD selections:

 1. "Arrival" - The title track takes no prisoners with its upbeat, no-sit-still funk/dance mood. Interestingly, this selection is reminiscent of Tina Turnerís attitude.

 2. "Want An Angel" - A beautiful crying prayer of a loving single mother. Actually brings tears, if youíre not careful. I, however, was unsuccessful at being careful.

 3. "Junkies on the Corner" - A sad retrospect of society, and of how the most distant aspects of it are inter-connected, though much of is in denial.

4. "We Canít Go On Like This" - A long-overdue message speaking to us all regarding our daily cultural struggles.

5. "Stomp" - If you can sit still on this selection, youíre dead. Donít bother checking your pulse, life as you know it is over, and rigor mortis has doubly set in.

 6. "Donít Let ĎEm" - Yet another powerful dance groove, this one makes you unleash yourself (even if youíre dead) while delivering the positive message of not letting others get you down.

 7. "Yeah" Neo-Aretha! The culmination of the ultimate positive feeling in one this point, the only expression possible.

 8. "Beautiful World" - Provides a perfect contradiction as the positive chorus plays the backdrop to several, somewhat, dark parables within its verses.

 9. "Shake Out the Blue" - A very nice, sassy, and lively uptempo selection with Jazzy mid-tones. Segues into a Caribbean flavor very effectively. 

10. "Sun Moon" - A galaxial reflection addressing the effects the heavenly bodies can have on us.

- Kenny Love

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