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Rosie Gaines - Caring (1985)

Track details:
  1. Dance All Night Long 5:53

  2. I've Gone Too Far 4:41

  3. Skool-ology (Ain't No Strain) 3:59

  4. Caring 6:43

  5. Frustration 4:16

  6. Wake Up 5:18

  7. Good Times 5:21

  8. What Are We Coming To 3:56

  9. Innocent Girl 3:24

Singles released:
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Release details:
Released: 1985
Produced by Friendship Producers Company and Rosie Gaines
Except "Wake Up" & "What Are We Coming To" Produced By Rosie Gaines. "Caring" & "Innocent Girl" Produced By Rosie Gaines & Curtis Ohlson.
Executive producer: Don Cornelius
Recorded at Larrabee Sound, Los Angeles, CA
Recording Engineer: Barry Rudolph
Second Engineers: Sabrina Buchanek, Toni Greene, Brad Coker
Remix Engineer: F. Byron Clark
Second Remix Engineer: Marc DeSisto
Mastered by Wally Traugott at Capital Records
"Caring", "Innocent Girl" & "Wake Up" recorded at Live Oak Recording Studios, Berkeley, CA

Album Credits:
Special Thanks to: Our creator and saviour, Almighty God and Jesus Christ, Mrs. Mattie Gaines and pa. Mallory, Carl, Curtis, Mr. & Mrs. Carl Ohlson, Jim & Priscilla, Don, Trish, Karyn and Reggie, Scotty and George, my present coach Mary Cobbhill and previous instructors, JAck French and John Malester and to Larkin Arnold, Senior Vice President, CBS Records.

Wilton Felder courtesy of MCA Records, Inc.
Greg Phillinganes courtesy of Planet Records.
Paulinho da Costa courtesy of Pablo Records.

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