You Gave Me Freedom

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Rosie Gaines - You Gave Me Freedom (1987)

Track details:
  1. I Can't Get You Off My Mind

  2. Wanna Be

  3. New Beginning

  4. I'm A Woman

  5. Give It To Me

  6. Run To My Heart

  7. In Sprit

  8. It's Been A Long Time (You're On My Mind)

  9. What The World Needs Now

  10. Honeychild

  11. My Man

  12. Get Into The Groove

  13. So In Love With You

  14. You Are My Friend

Singles released:
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Release details:
Released: 02/16/2004
Label: Dome
Songs 1,2 & 3 Produced by Patrick Moten & Joe Greene
Song 5 Produced by Mike & Brenda Sutton
All remaining songs Produced by Rosie Gaines & Curtis Ohlson
Executive producer: Erik Nuri

Album Credits:

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